Tips for Taking Solo-Cycling Photographs

Solo-cycling is an awesome recreational hobby! Unfortunately, it does create some dilemmas for the cycling photography enthusiast who wants to create digital content of their own cycling performance. Read through this guide to learn about how to take your own cycling pictures.

Pick the Best Camera for Cycling

When riding with friends, an iphone or android will do just fine. We love the GoPro Session 5 for a quick snapshot when running or riding alone. If traveling somewhere scenic on the bike, we prefer a camera that will create a higher-quality image like the Fuji X30 or another compact camera. If you are a professional and need to create high-quality content, then obviously you are going to be reaching for a DSLR. You’re going to want something light weight; we love the Canon 5D Mark II.

Frame Your Photos

Sometimes people wonder how to take a photo and cycle at the same time–I mean, your hands are practically glued to the handlebars on a tough ride, right? With a GoPro, or similar camera, it’s quite simple because it fits in a pocket or small cycling pouch. When you find the perfect spot to take a picture, simply position the gopro on a tree, fence, stone–you get the picture! There’s no need for a tripod because the camera is so light-weight. Try to find something high-up so that your photo composition is balanced.

Put the GoPro in video mode and take a few videos of yourself cycling by, just to ensure that you get the right shot. Then you can go into whatever video-editing software you prefer and manually pick-out your favorite snapshots.

Edit your Photos

Not everyone is a professional photoshopper, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create quality images! We love using the VSCO-App, as it allows the user to make sure that all of the photos in the series have the same tones. For filters, we like A5, A6, HB2, and M5. For precision editing, we love the Snapseed-App.

To edit your photos on your smartphone, you will have to connect the Go-Pro to your phone. From there, grab a short out of your GoPro and save it to your camera roll. Then open the VSCO-App and crop, filter, and mess with contrast, brightness, etc until you get the desired look. Lower the temperature if you desire a cooler tone and raise it if you want it warmer. We recommend you base your tones on the seasons, but you can do it however you want! They are your solo-cycling photos, afterall.


More power to the solo-cycler! Hopefully by following this simple guide, you will be creating high-quality images of your cycling in no time!

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